Our perception breaks reality into sections; divided squares seemingly
disjoint, creating in us the illusion of separateness. Some are
accurate; some are distorted; some are straight; some are bent. So
elusive the distinction among them. So many divisions, some times,
that it results easy to forget the unified nature of reality.

Since perceptions is what all we have, it stands to reason to decode
them and see through them. Each division carries a different
light. Some are dark, like our desires. Others are blinding, like our
fears. Yet others have no light; blind spots we unwittingly
ignore. And if we pay attention, there are also true windows;
transparent openings offering a glimpse of reality, the one that is;
and everything is simple, and clear, and peaceful.

If we truly see deeper, aware of our perceptions in all their forms,
influenced but not shaped by them, then the perimeters of divisions
will evaporate; a single window to reality will remain for us to
wonder reality as it is; our desires will not be dark; there will be
no blind spots in our perception, our fears will not separate us from
everything that exists, and our fantasies will be our tools for
dreaming, and nothing more.

Think about it; think again...

Texto: Alberto Medina - Fotografía: Francisco Acuña